A Baby Step towards Humanity & Environment Conservation :)

This article will be short and sweet but will convey a big message and awareness through it…

I would be glad If this article is shared with as many people as possible…

Some months back I was watching some videos on Youtube…As usual, I was skipping all those ads which irritate us by popping in between…

There was one ad which I felt not to skip but watch through it…

That was the point in my life when something triggered inside me…Since that moment or triggering point I could see a big change in me regarding Humanity

That ad was of a website which was working for several social causes…Almost every social cause was covered in it…I am super proud of these guys who took initiative by opening such a platform where we can donate some Things to those who really in need of it…

Hat’s off to their initiative in the form of  WWW.DONATEKART.COM 🙂



I was amazed by the Idea of contributing things rather than money…

It is the best way to show empathy towards needy, poor, underprivileged people by understanding their situations, emotions, feelings which would make their life better…

I learned strongness from such people and learned to serve society by getting closer to humanity by contributing as much as I can…

It doesn’t matter how much money we contribute but it does matter that we are concerned about such people which would let them feel Accepted, Cared and Loved in the society 🙂

They deserve the right to live happily…Let us make their life Happy 🙂

Let us extend our hands to put a smile on their faces by contributing something…






Recently I got to know about a website that is a registered trust fighting for the cause of Human Trafficking.

Here is the LINK to the website,


If you are interested then you can contribute by donating.

Moreover, the best part is they also sell Handmade facemasks and jewellery.

Indirectly you can help them by buying their products as well.

I have bought 6 facemasks named “Courage” and “Hope” (Hurry Up! they are going out of stock quickly). I just loved the way they have given interesting names to different designed facemasks. 😊

Ifyou like silk thread jewellery they have few options in silk thread jewellery.


LINK is here,

https://www.youcanfreeusindia.org/store/product-category/jewellery/  (Jewellery)


https://www.youcanfreeusindia.org/store/product-category/masks/  (Handmade facemasks)


I was using one jute handbag since two years. Out of nowhere my attention was dragged on the logo that they had printed on the backside of the bag. There was a Panda logo underneath WWF was written. Out of curiosity, I searched the name on Google and I was surprised to know I was using the product of WWF India- World wide fund for nature India. It is an organization which works for conservation of species and its habitats, climate change, water and environmental education.

If you are interested in contribution please visit this website,


They have interesting products for sell. I bought a green jute bag. Here is the link,



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Our small act of Love may bring big happiness in someone’s life 🙂


Thanks, Folks!

Ohhh…I forgot to ask you something…Are you with me in this campaign of spreading happiness and preserving environment?

I am sure, You all are in 🙂

I would be thankful by heart If you join me in 🙂


You just need to do two things,

Share the links to as many people as you can


Contribute something If you can


Both 🙂


Ciao! 😎




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