How to stay away from Toxic people

Are you fed up Being around toxic people the way I was???


Then this article is for you…

 We often unknowingly or knowingly get surrounded by toxic people in our lives.

It impacts our mental attitude even without being noticed by us.

We do not even get how our approach changed negatively due to them.

These toxic people could be in the form of any ANY Relation.

 Here we shall learn how to stay away from them If they are just cropping up again and again in your life.


  •  Build a solid wall around you…

 Yes.A solid wall. To reflect yourself as a strong person than a weak person.

The wall is nothing but our identity among people.

Once people get that it is not easy to break that wall they will on their stay away from you.

Identity could be in the form of rising above toxicity or developing inner strength.


  •  Show that self-respect is your priority…

Never sell your self-respect for someone else.

If you don’t respect yourself probably people would not respect you back.

It is such a thing that is your weapon to fight with toxic people.


  •  Do not try to please everyone around…

We often try to keep everyone around us happy to be in a Good Book.

Watch out in whose good book you want to be.

Pleasing everyone will make the matter worse.

Toxic people always keep such people on their high target.

Do not be a soft target for them.


  •  Learn to say “Enough is Enough” (The way it is said in any movies at climax ;)…

Learn to say,

That Does It!!!

Enough is Enough firmly.

Your attitude matters a lot in showing what bothers you and what not.


  •  Learn to ignore than Acknowledging…

Had you attempted every question in your high school exam???

Had not…

Then why you acknowledge everyone who comes in your life???

Ignore them as you had ignored your questions.

keep them unattempted.


  •  Being emotional …

Deal with these people practically than emotionally. 

“Emotions make relations but practicality makes healthy relations”

Mark these words.


  •  Humbly let them know not to cross limits…

What bothers you let them know humbly.

And if required then,

Read the next point…


  •  Be straight forward…

It is not a bad idea to be blunt to convey what you want to if such people have not rectified themselves after your humble gesture.


  •  Don’t be sorry for being harsh…

Don’t feel you are rude and harsh on them.

“Sometimes it is not you who make you rude but a situation that demands rudeness”


  •  Make yourself such a person that they will think twice before praying with you… 

This relates to my very first point.

Your identity shall be like a warrior.

People shall think twice before calling a war with you.


  •  Show them toxicity is not your preference…

You have to show which social circle you prefer the most.

“You are known by the circle you are in”

This is the best way to show them what you prefer to have around you.


  •  Face them Do not run away…

 This I learned from myself.

Since childhood, I had been put in a situation to deal with toxic people.

Especially during my school life.

As I grew up I came to know If you run away from them they will chase you but if you face them face to face they will be afraid to bother you.


These are the simple strategies I observed working.

Follow it once and let me know the outcome.

I am sure the outcome would be in your favor always.

I hope this article will be captivating for you. 

Do let me know the things that you do to avoid toxic people by commenting below.

I would like to read it and learn some extra points for you.


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