LAW OF ATTRACTION – Manifestation Power of The Universe…

The universe is always ready to help you…
You just need to wish what you want and You will see Your dream is Coming true!
Aloha Folks!
Around a year back one of my friend introduced me to LOA. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about LOA mechanism. I had heard about the “THE SECRET” book but I was unable to get why people were crazy about this book.
Well, I feel there is a perfect time for everything. Last year was that perfect time for me to get to know about this fantastic miracle of universe named “LAW OF ATTRACTION”
In the beginning, I was miserably failed to apply this trick in my life. I made mistakes and I learned from it…Eventually, I got to know how this works exactly which I would put up for you in simple words and in simple steps (I always believe in NO MUMBO JUMBO attitude) 🙂
Once I was quite used to for this I asked my friend to do this. She did exactly the same way as I am going to pen down here. And guess what?? She cleared the toughest exam of her field. Isn’t this surprising and cool??
There are two myths to break here. 
Firstly, people say It works for some people.
Secondly, You need to be at a higher vibrational level to get the desired results from the Universe.
For universe we all are equal and universe understands layman language in which either we talk to the universe or write manifestations to get manifested results…
Somewhere in between the article briefly I would share my LOA success story so keep reading!
I hereby give you some tricks to manifest your dreams with the help of the Law of Universe…
These tricks I use in my own life…
I have been using LOA since quite a few months and Trust me It is working miraculously…
Let’s get started…
Before starting let me tell you Whenever I am proceeding further for manifesting with the help of LOA, I always prefer to meditate for some time before getting started to write my Manifestations and Affirmations in my notebook…
Why I do so?
Due to meditation, you are able to focus on Your thoughts clearly which results in clarity of thoughts…Whenever we ask anything to the universe our questions, manifestations, affirmations shall be clear in mind to get successful results…
If you have complete chaos of thoughts in your mind Will you be able to ask what you want?
The answer is NO…
That’s why I recommend you for meditation…
Article on meditation,
check out here,
🌠Deciding what you want to manifest
Be specific, Realistic, practical, and sensible here. Note down your wishes. Make sure you really want it.otherwise universe will start manifesting it for you and You will not be open to receive it.
So when you decide a wish be ready to receive it.
🌠Tense to be used
Pay Attention. Grammar stuff here 😉
Use the present tense. Never use the future or present continuous tense. Write as you have it now. Do not write like you will have it someday or you are going to have it in the future.
Like, I have my dream job. I have a lot of opportunities to grow.
🌠Maintain a diary or a notebook
To write down your wishes maintain a book that will not be read by anyone else except you.
🌠Use a Red ink pen
This is optional.
I consider red color as a color of multiplication, manifestation, and abundance. I prefer this color but there is no restriction on you to use the red ink color pen. It is not like if you use any other color your wishes will not get manifested.
Design this process of manifestation as per your inner belief.
🌠Conceal your wishes with God/Angel’s blessings
The way you keep yourself, your kids, your home protected with the blessings of God/Angels in the same way you conceal your wishes.
Before starting to write on page and after writing is done do not forget to mention a God/Angel’s name that you believe in.
By doing so even divinity will help you to manifest your wishes.
🌠Feeling It at Subconscious Level by Attaching your Emotions
When you write Sentences in the present tense Do not forget to add up your emotions with it.
Like, I am happy that I have my dream job. Emotional attachment makes this process happen faster once your subconscious brain absorbs as if you have it now.
When you read and write, feel like you already have it by putting a smile on your face.
🌠Do not be Frustrated with time It takes
There is no standard time limit in which Your wishes will be manifested. I suggest not to use any time limit while writing. It takes time for the universe to work on your wishes.
Respect its time.
I had a wish to start my own blog back in the year 2017 when I was writing articles for other blogs. Finally, in the year 2020 Universe manifested my wish 🙂 So, Do not attach time constraint. The universe knows the right time for manifesting your wishes.
🌠Practice “Let Go”
Write.Read.Let go. Do not be overly obsessed with outcomes and results.
Once you have surrendered your wishes to the universe, consider that your manifestations will be taken care of by universe. Do not keep pondering when It will happen?? It had been a year since nothing happened??? Let go of these Doubts.
🌠Signs of Manifestation
You intuitively feel that Your wishes are about to come true.
You see the same wish is manifested in someone else’s life.
Like, I wanted to get connected with people around the world. I saw my neighbor Got shifted in another country and there they got connected with people who had settled there from different countries.
Pay attention to these signs. Closely observe Synchronicity. Your wish may get displayed in your dreams or something related to that will be popped up in front of you out of nowhere. Observe it.
🌠Trust Universe
Have faith on universe. When you visit a doctor you have trust that your health problem will be diagnosed accurately and cured. Without trust, nothing happens. Trust universe and You will never be disappointed.
Last but not the least, 
When you see synchronicity and signs be grateful to universe. When ultimately your wishes are not just wishes but it is reality, Be Grateful to Universe. Universe is working for you selflessly. Be thankful.
These are some steps tried and tested by me.
I have manifested many things in my life with just these simple steps.
Do let me know your success story about LOA as well…
Your suggestions are always appreciated…
If you want me to add some more steps do let me know…
Share to those Who needs it…
Sharing is caring 🙂
Before seeing off I feel like I shall write one more LOA success story of mine 😉
Well, I have tons of success stories but I chose to share this one…
Some months back when I realized that I am not happy, contented, satisfied with the career line that I have chosen I was kind of feeling devastated for not getting what my soul wants me to do to be happy…
I wrote down all my interest areas, analyze those areas but failed to recognize which path is destined for me…
I was in such a situation where telling my parents about this chaos to get some help from was not possible as at the age of 28/29/30 changing career path is sort of unconventional decision most people think…
At the same time, my soul was not letting me get happiness from what I had chosen…
This was the point where I thought I shall count on Universe to help me out with ease…
I did all the above-mentioned steps for around one and a half years…
This year…Phammmm!
Through someone, I got to know what I am supposed to do when It comes to a career path…
The answer was “Helping people through my counseling” 
Now a question arises who was that someone?
That, someone, was none other than my personal astrologer…
Somehow I was guided to seek help from him when I was not even thinking of taking help from him…
Thanks to that Person and Universe 🙂
This is how this LOA works when you believe in it blindly when you trust the whole process by surrendering it on The Universe 🙂
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