Decluttering…The best way for Smart Shopping and being Organized :)

I was cleaning my storage area where I found a bag in which I had stored wallets, handbags. I could see more than 20 wallets (Some used and some unused).
I opened my dressing table drawer, I saw around 20-30 cosmetic products that I bought just because the sale was going on but hardly could use 2-3 products out of them.
I opened my closet, I found dozens of tops that were just lying there with its price, brand tags.
Often times we are tempted and hypnotized by new year sale, summer sale, autumn sale, winter sale, eye-cathing offers, buy 1 get 1 free offer, flat 70% discount on new arrivals.
Well, I am not against offers and sales season. I eagerly wait for them. 😉 I am against our infinite shopping during such seasons where we tend to spend more money on some unnecessary items. It is sensible to buy those products which we are going to be used and not to buy those which will become a part of a storage chunk.
From there, I got an idea about being wise by decluttering things. There are a lot of videos and interesting articles on google about decluttering things.
I got an idea about decluttering things when somehow I came to know about Marie Kondo a Japanese organizing consultant who has given simple yet effective ideas to be organized and to learn how to be neat, clean, and tidy when It comes to organizing things.
She has given amazing tricks for it. I put a link to her website here and also a link to her TV show on Netflix named Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. 
Her books are also available on organizing and decluttering stuff here.
After going through her ideas I thought of sharing my simple ways of decluttering things.
Though I am not a professional person for advising you that But I have discovered some simple steps to declutter unwanted stuff. (Especially for Indian homes). Some of us live in joint families, some of us own luxury homes, some of us own small homes. Sorting out things and keeping them organized is a hectic task when It comes to small flats or in joint families.
I would try to put some simple points to be considered before you go shopping, to organize things.
I think these points would be helpful for you To stay minimalistic (BTW I’m trying to be) 🙂
Point 1
Extensive Research Before Purchase
If you are thinking of buying any product then Before purchase check whether it is really useful or not.
A lot of times due to inadequate research we purchase a product but then when we start using it we come to know that it is useless and then the product gets space in the storeroom…
Point 2
Checking if you really want/need that product
This is the self-check process. Often times we get tempted by attractive ads or maybe someone has bought it we also decide to buy that product. In this case, check If you really need it or not. I purchased a nice wrist watch online which I wanted because my friend bought it but never ever use it later. So this is a must point to consider…
Point 3
Search its Resale value
Go through information related to Product resale value especially when you have bought luxury branded stuff. For initial some months you will be excited to use them but once the excitement is gone make sure it would be having a good resale value to it…
Point 4
Get Addresses for Donation or Garage sales
If you have some extra stuff at home and you want to get rid of it then think of putting it for the Garage sale.
Like used clothes, toys, bags whatsoever that you have.
The second best place is to sell it in an NGO’s who take used stuff.
Maybe someone would be lucky to have your luxury handbag for just half price…Yuhooo 🙂
Point 5
Cap on Expenses
If you are extravagant or spendthrift like me 😉 then decluttering is the best tool to have a cap on our expenses. It will save our extra bucks…
Point 6
Organized storage space
Who likes to see messy storage, drawer, or storeroom? Who likes to get shouted by our “clean freak “moms on such a mess? Decluttering just makes a room for those products that we really need
Point 7
To minimize needs
If we take a cell phone this year next year we feel like taking a costlier one. Minimizing our needs and wants helps in letting us enjoy what we have rather than getting trapped into unending needs…
Point 8
Control Obsession
This is a pitfall for collecting so many things and not using some of them. Our obsession with a particular thing not only makes more expenses but also lets us buy the same items again and again unnecessarily. Avoid these obsessions if possible…
Point 9
Online shopping
It is so easy and convenient. We need not stand in a long queue. Those online cost-effective offers drag us towards them just like somebody has hypnotized us. when we prefer online purchase we do not feel to have spent a lot of cash on shopping. So be a little extra careful while shopping online

…How to Organize Home…

Point 1
Storage Baskets
Nowadays you get captivating plastic as well as straw storage baskets or boxes in all shapes, colors, designs. Organize your cosmetics, kid’s toys, stationery items, Kitchen cutlery items, Small clothes, Shoes, Socks and to store much more tiny stuff that is scattered all over places.
Point 2
Sacks/Mesh bags
These are funky storage bags that accommodate stuff without showing them to anyone.
You can store your inner wares in it.
This is the best option to hide your secret diary 😉
Point 3
Ziplock bags/Paper bags
Big zip lock and paper bags are useful if you have a separate kitchen storage room.
These bags keep your grains and grocery items intact.
I prefer keeping pulses, grains, chocolates, candies in them.
Point 4
Vacuum storage reusable zip lock bags
This is a fantastic solution to keep your clothes organized in the cupboard to avoid overlapping of cloth sets. You can carry many more things in a compact form during travels to fit in the small luggage bags.
I found it useful to carry huge blankets, duvets, quilts while traveling.
Those who go for camping, trekking, hiking, frequent travelers shall try this option once.
Here you can get them,
Point 5
Jute, straw, plastic organizers/Containers/tins come handy to find the products at the right place effortlessly.
My small tip here is going for open containers and organizers to dump more stuff in there and go for square-shaped instead of round shaped as square-shaped has more capacity to store tiny items in the corner area of Organizer/Container/Tins.
Point 6
Suitable furniture structure
This is something that I realized recently. We tend to buy storage furniture that has so many small drawers that barely hold anything in it.
It does look good but storage wise it restricts the space.
Instead, go for storage furniture having one or two big drawers and if there is no drawer then you can use some utility stuff specified earlier to organize your stuff. In such a case, you have the liberty to arrange the stuff the way you want to.
Moreover, go for a piece of storage furniture which is movable, has wheels at the bottom to shift it in any room.
Once your kids are grown up you can use their movable storage furniture in your living room or kitchen. (If they allow you easily then) 😉
Point 7
Cardboard Boxes
These look super classy.
On many websites, cardboard boxes are available in different sizes.
This is a recyclable and eco-friendly option.
These boxes are very useful when you donate used stuff to NGO’s or during house shifting as well. Sometimes we get gifts from these boxes or we get products packed in big boxes.
Do not put them in the trash area.
Just decorate it with funky papers, glitters, ribbons, and reuse it. (Who would not love DIY stuff ?) 🙂
Point 8
Cloth Boxes/Bags
These are similar to laundry bags that are portable and compact.
When you have two or three little boogers at home who scatter their used tiny clothes all over the house, these boxes are useful to keep them in one place before they go for the laundry process.
Point 9
Ziplock utility pouches
These are useful to keep tiny items like a portable charger, earphones, a power bank, Small beauty products sorted and organized.
I use them in my luggage bags and daily handbags along with a bag organizer.
These are some points you shall consider before you spend your money just to get satisfaction and perfect return on your spent money and Some simple tips to organize your mess in a neater way.
Is your room looking like this after Decluttering and Organizing???  😉
After learning how to Declutter, Organized things I have observed some fantastic changes in my life –
1) No unwanted stuff
2) More space for organizing required stuff
3) No wastage
4) Fewer expenses
5) Wise investment
6) Wise Shopping
7) Tidy and Neat home
8) Sorted MIND 🙂
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