Let’s make Journaling “CooL”


First of all, “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you all” 🙏

I had written this article in the last week itself but decided to post it on the day before the day of “Ganesh Chaturthi”. I think this auspicious occasion is the best time to start implementing a new good habit. 😉

You heard it right, we need not wait until a “New Year” for new habits and resolutions. 😇

Let’s start Journaling then. 😄

Don’t worry in this article no more preaching about “Art of Journaling”. 😅

This article is all about quirky options from where you can think of buying your Journal.

That is the first step in the process of “Journaling“. Isn’t it??

Before giving you options to own your Journal, let me talk to you about how journaling changed my life.

If you are interested in knowing the benefits of journaling and how to start writing it, Google has in its store ample articles and youtube videos about it.

I have just started the process of journaling so honestly speaking, I am not eligible to tell you how to write it but after some time when I get to know the effective way of writing it, I will definitely write an article on it when I will have some concrete base and experience to write about it.

I will not upset you here folks. 🙂  I will share the benefits that I am enjoying from journaling so far.

Journaling is our “Life Book” wherein We write a story of our life. Our “Life Story” is the most important story for us.

You are the “Sole Author” of this story. Hence, It is in your hands how you want it to be. Try to make your “Life Story” the most memorable and beautiful for yourself. 😍

Life is a Canvas for us. It is in our hands which color to use to brush it in such a way that it will be the best painting ever. 💜

I would recommend writing a journal by Everyone. It is useful for homemakers, students, office going people in short for all busy beings.

The best part of journaling is you can read it after five years just to take you in the flashback memories to see how you were and how you are after five years. It is easy to track how much your soul has grown, you are changed internally, your inner progress, shifts in your mental attitude, personal transformation.

I will share here quickly what gifts I got by Journaling.

  1. I learned to live life with “complete mindfulness”.
  2. I could observe that journaling made my “mind sorted”. (Best way to get relief from mental chaos)
  3. I start keeping “track of my daily routine”.
  4. It helped me to “manage my expenses”.
  5. It taught me to “note down small things” that gave immense satisfaction and happiness.
  6. Daily, I started writing one “gratitude notes” towards my life.
  7. It helped me in “self-work” as well as “self-check”.
  8. It taught me ‘to be more organized” than I was.
  9. “Clarity of thoughts” was the bonus gift of daily journaling.
  10. Infused in me a “habit of reading” at least one “inspiring quote” daily.
  11. Taught me a habit of “setting small goals to achieve”.
  12. It helped me to have my “visions and dreams written”.
  13. I learned to “maintain a daily diary”.
  14. Most importantly, I could keep “track of how much I have progressed” in life, “internally” as well as “externally”.

I am sure there will be many more benefits ahead which I would tell in the subsequent articles. Therefore, Stay in touch. 🙂

Let’s search for some options where you will find amazing collections of journals.












You will find my “Life Book”, my journal in the featured image. (Kindly, ignore wear and tear…LOL!!)😂 It is from creative crazy. I am so glad to own this journal+Planner+Diary as it is so pretty and vibrant due to its Botanical print all over which I love. Botanical prints just soothe your mind and take you closer to nature. Moreover, the name of the journal is “Frida”. “Frida” means “Peaceful ” as per google search 😊

I must say this is the best thing I have ever bought and proudly owned so far in my life.

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, there are other sources available that are budgeted as compared to these options. Those who are beginners in the journaling process they can definitely go for cost-effective options available on Amazon, Flipkart, Doodle collection.

Link of Doodle Collection website,


One thing to be noted here, though these are cost-effective sources at the same time it just gives you a few pages. Eventually, you have to buy three-four diaries per year and if you calculate the total cost it is approximately equivalent to the prices of journals available on above-given sources.

( I am a commerce student. So these sorts of calculations are part and parcel of my life) 😋

The main intention is to get started with the process of journaling 👍

Earlier, I had three diaries bought from Doodle collection. (If you are interested to see them keep reading the article till the end)

When I had just started with journaling I wanted cost-effective options as affordability was the prime factor for me to consider. As journaling became my daily ritual for around four-five months, I wanted a journal that will be a perfect mash-up of (Diary+Journal+Planner+Gratitude pages+Self work activities). I decided to go for the options that I mentioned at the beginning wherein I was getting sufficient pages to make sure my journal lasts for a year at least.

Moreover, I wanted some self-work activities in the journal which would have some questions that would let me think about my life deeply. The journal I have bought has these activities of writing my goals and steps to be taken to achieve them, how I want my life to be in two years, and much more interesting stuff.

I put links here of all those Doodle diaries that I owned earlier. All of them are from Doodle Collection.


(This is a Zodiac collection which comes with a zodiac symbol bookmark which looks super funky. I bought Libra one for me)… Yes, I am Libra Moon, Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Ascendant 🙂



(This is Initials collection. Choose your alphabet) 😉



(This is from the Ethnic collection. I had a yellow one in it but now it is out of stock)


If you are interested in buying a planner from them here are the links,


(There is a discount going on, get it before the deal gets over)



I almost try to pen down all the options that were known to me. One thing to be noted here, some of these products that I linked here from doodle collection could be out of stock when you are reading this article, don’t get upset, just try searching the similar items from my initially mentioned links. I am sure you will find “The One” from the gist given. 🙂

If you know some more options other than these, kindly let me know through your comments.

I am looking forward 🙋

So, when are you going to buy your Next/First Journal?? 🤗


(This post is not sponsored, paid or affiliated at all)

Links Source – Google

Links Usage – For the informative purpose only.

I am just trying to bring the best in the limelight out of whatsoever is around us 💟


Before winding up this article, here is a sneak peek into my owned diaries,



Let me know which one you liked from my collection. 😀




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