Meaningful Life Lessons Part 3

47)Never laugh at someone’s shortcomings…You never know how much a person suffered to finally get out of it…
48)If you think life is “Fair”…No…It is a “Fact”
49) A well-educated person having more degrees from renowned universities across the globe does not acknowledge that the person will be good as a human being…
50) Everyone has their own Timeline. Some might get success as early as in their 20s some may get it late. Do not quite. If you are late, remember, Your Success is Delayed not Denied…
51) Never settle for less than You Deserve.
52)Live life the way you want to. Others who define your ideal life is not going to live your life ever.
53) Try to make the most out of every moment. You will get a thousand more moments but not that one again.
54) you don’t need anyone’s validation about how you look, how you are, what you should do. If You don’t like being around people who choose you to pass their free time with. If You say “No” even when you know It will hurt someone. If You do not entertain silly acts of someone. If You take your own decision by being accountable and responsible for taken decisions.Congrats! You are mature up.
55) Use time wisely. The tragedy is we can not bring back Passed Time.
56)Dare to Fail. You are failing means you are trying something different.
57)Be optimistic even in a bad phase. The Game Do change in our favor at the right time.
58)If people are saying you are not worthy enough probably They are reflecting themselves through their words.
59)More and more people are getting jealous of you…Watch out! You must be growing in your life.
60)Those who believe in Karma never waste time behind teaching someone a Lesson.
61)Progressing slowly in life?? Start worrying if you standstill.
62)Do not Give up. If you give up once It will become a habit.
63)There is no such thing as “Unconditional” everyone has some self-interest.
64) Don’t worry about people talking behind you, they are behind you for a reason.
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