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Hola everyone,

I have been writing to inspire and motivate people for more than 7 years (No, I am not trying to impress you here)  😉

Even though I have been writing helpful and captivating stuff for a better life I do come across situations when I feel dull and down.

Whether there is a reason or not but I do go through an emotional rush sometimes. And I feel, being human we are bound to feel so as we have emotions and feelings overflowing all the time 🙂

Well, hereby I give you simple steps to cope up with this unwanted stuff in a better way when you are feeling blue.

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Let’s dive deep…


Spiritual Beings – 

I belong to India. I am born in a typical conventional Maharashtrian family. In our house, we periodically perform Poojas, Homas, Hawans( Some religious rituals). Especially during Our festivals, my parents happily participate in such activities. They are very spiritual So I am 🙂

Therefore, whenever I feel dull I prefer to follow doing such practices which give me instant relief from emotional turmoils. Every day I opt to read Stotras (Prayers). It gives me immense peace and inner positivity.

You can opt the same If your interest inclines towards spiritual activities. It gives you hope and optimism to sail through bad times in life.

You can listen to whatsoever prayer you follow, listen to any spiritual beats, music, songs, kirtans, bhajans.

I listen to Lord Shiva Stotrams. This gives me a feeling, support that when no one is there for me emotionally The Almighty is always there for me.

Bola “Ganapati Bappa Moraya”  🙂

Music Therapy –

I am a die-hard fan of listening to music. It just makes my day. Listen to songs that you like.

Remember do not play sad songs. It can make the situation worse than it is.

I personally feel music is the source that lifts up the mood immediately.

“We will We will ROCK you”

“Common Common Turn the Radio On”

“Rock when I go Rock when Rock when”

“Akhiyan Udeek Diya Dil Vajaa mar da” (Superb Qawwali)

Are some of my choicest songs to start shaking my body 😉

Song reference – Google source

Reference Usage – Informative purpose (I love these songs) 🙂

Did you plug in?? 🙂

Meditation Helps –

I have already written an article on How to meditate.
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Find your Meditation Space and Let’s tune In to inner self 🙂

Express Yourself –

Let your emotions come out otherwise there will be a volcano eruption of thoughts and emotions (On someone who is not even expecting it) 😉

Write down how you feel. Record it if you want and once you feel good tear up the earlier one and delete later one.

Talk to your nearest and dearest one.

If you don’t have anyone around available for you during this time, Talk to yourself. You are your “Best Friend” always.

That’s my next point…So keep reading…

Did you feel better after expressing your emotional rush?? 🙂

Self Talk – 

The mirror is your best friend.
It will not judge you for whatsoever you are. Isn’t this fantastic??
Sometimes we don’t see anyone around to whom we can approach for help. In such a case, approach yourself.
After all Who knows you better than you know yourself??
Talk to yourself by looking in the mirror.

I do remember one incident. I was talking to me by looking at a mirror and my Mom was looking at me like she is seeing someone Insane 😉

So, How was your date with yourself?? 😉

Cry If Required –

We can’t reject this thing that often we go to the washroom when we feel crying when everybody is at home.
It is absolutely fine to do so. Even I do it, honestly speaking 🙂
It is another way of giving a way for our emotions to flow the way they want to without interrupting them much.

Emotions are like a river…Let them flow…They will make their way ahead on their own 🙂

Play with Pets –

Around 12 years back, I had a fish tank at home. I remember I used to sit there watching what my fishes are doing. Looking and observing them used to make me feel better.
Play with your pets. Go for a walk with them. I always say they understand our emotions better.

Did you observe?? Pets come and sit next to us until they are sure that we are feeling better 🙂

Go for walk –

Step out to feel fresh.
Go to a nearby park or garden.
Spend your time in nature.
Nature therapy is the best therapy to make ourselves feel good.

Nature has so much to give us. We just need to keep our eyes, mind, and heart open to receive it. 🙂

Watch Comedy Shows –

Watch comedy movies, web series, TV shows.
You will not get how unknowingly you started laughing.

Did you just say “LMAO”?? 😉

Start playing with kids – 

These little boogers are amazing during our sad times.
They just lift up our mood with their simple innocent acts.

How about playing “Hide and Seek” with them?? 🙂

Do things that make you Happy –

We all are different beings when It comes to likes and dislikes. The thing that makes me happy may not make you happy.

When I am upset I prefer listening to spiritual music or high beats songs. If this did not help me then I just write my mental agony in the journal.

My mom watches comedy shows or cooks something when she is feeling blue. By doing that, she feels good.

Do those things that really uplifts your mood. It could be anything, shopping, gardening, playing an instrument, drawing.

What you have to is to find what is that one thing that really helps you to come out of this.

Which activity makes you feel Happy then?? Pen it down in the comments section 🙂

I hope these points would be helpful to you…

I tried writing the most practical solutions rather than just trying to escape from this phase emotionally…

There are a lot of other things that may help you in this phase. If you like sharing it Do not hesitate to write it through comments…

Selected points that you mentioned may get included by me in the subsequent articles…

I am sure, I have so much to learn from you folks 🙂

Do share it with those who need these tricks to deal with “Blue” phases in a better way…

Cheese, Please📸


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