Parenthood – A Beautiful sphere of life 💙

Aloha! 🙏

parenthood is the best experience of our lives…😇
With the birth of a newborn different phase of life gets started…

Yes, A new inning for parents…
And a new journey for that little booger…😀
As our child grows our expectations from that little also grows…
And then comes several stages where We have to go through strained relationships with our little loved ones…
Today I would write about that…
This article is not about “Parenting Tips” 😃
Every parent knows very well how to look after and grow their child…
I shall be talking about those things which are knowingly or unknowingly expected by parents from a child but which could be a nightmare for a child during the process of growing up and even after that…
I write this article not only for you but also for me to learn not to make these mistakes during the parenthood process…
💙 Bombarding Gist of Don’ts
Here my target is not to tell Do not shout if your child is not disciplined. We have to show them what is right and wrong until they learn on their own to distinguish between the two. 
I am simply saying do not read a list of Don’ts every now and then in front of them.
“Do not jump on a new sofa set”…”Do not draw on walls with crayons”…”Do not scatter your toys in the room”…DO NOT…DO NOT…DO NOT… 
Couldn’t we just tell them Do’s than Don’ts???
Scatter your toys but Keep it back in the box. Here If you observed, we are conveying the same message but with little diplomacy to not hurt them with our words.
The child is bound to make clean rooms messy(Extra work for Moms)😀 
It is their age to do the mess…Let them Do that… 
Do not restrict their tiny beautiful “fairy tail” Life…
💙Questioning Capabilities
“Ohhh, You messed up everything”…”You can’t do a single thing properly”…”You have no capability to get the first rank”…”You have no talent to dance good”…Doesn’t this sound bad??
Yes, It does…
Then think about how much these words are impacting on a child’s mind.
Instead what they can not do Show them what they can really do well.
Your child could be a specially challenged or slow learner. Let them learn at their own pace.
Make sure you teach them to love themselves not to hate themselves by making wrong assumptions about themselves on what you have conditioned on them.
💙Failure is a part of Life
Let them fail in their life. Not once or twice…Multiple times…
It is “OK” even If the child fails in the exams, even If they could not perform well in the competition.
Let them learn through failures and mistakes. So far I have observed that “Lessons that children learn from failures and setbacks are the most important lessons they learn to be successful in life”
Getting a Rank, winning a competition is needed to have a good academic record but It has nothing to do with surviving a bad phase of life in the future or to develop an endurance to Sustain through Setbacks, hurdles, obstacles.
Teach them How to live life, how to enjoy small things, how to Honor what they have, and how to face Struggles.
These are the most important lessons to be taught to let them know the reality of life and to learn how to sail through it on their own.
💙Hampering creativity
One day I was at my friend’s house. Her son was making some interesting stuff with colorful papers. I could see his face was filled with curiosity, happiness. He was involved in exploring his own world.
After some time when he came to show me what he has made my friend shouted on him,
“Why are you WASTING your time in doing NONSENSE stuff???
“Go and complete your homework”. Immediately all his excitement was broken into pieces. He stopped doing whatsoever he was doing, went into his room, and shut the door. I could see tears in his eyes. I felt bad for him. After some time when I decided to see what he was doing, I found something stunning there.
He had made a handheld dance Paper fan. It was crafted wonderfully. It was so beautiful!!
Before leaving, I went into his room to see off. He was doing his homework.
Me:- I liked your fan…Could I keep it with me??
He:-(A big smile on his face)Really It is so good???
He:- Thank you!!! but I can’t give you this. I have made this for Gardener uncle. He sweats a lot while gardening. This might help him to feel comfortable and relaxed.
I was stunned by his mature reply.
For a while, I felt like He is more mature than his parents.
Children are good observers. They are so creative. They are so curious to learn new things. Let their creativity flourish. Do not suppress that creativity the way my friend did it unknowingly.
💙The Root of Inferiority Complex
Stop comparing them with other kids around for every minute thing. 
Someone is going to be smarter than your kid…Someone is going to be prettier than your kid.
Don’t compare and push them to match the standards of other kids. Never force them to become like someone else. Then only they will learn the beauty of “Be Yourself”.
If these points are not taken care of then It might happen that the delicate, emotional, and sensitive side of a child can be broken not only when they are young but even after they are grown up…
A child’s mind easily gets conditioned due to what their parents tell them and this conditioning is so affecting and impactful that even when a child is a mature person of 30 years still that conditioning, Scars, Wounds on the mind could haunt them mentally…
To conclude, As a child learns and grows it is parents Schooling time to learn these things for our child… 😊
I hope you would not make these mistakes with your beloved little monster… 🤗
Please share your parenting stories…
Memories or some moments that are memorable for you related to your child…
I would like to read it… 😍
❤️(Article is Dedicated to all lovely parents out there and to your little sunshines) ❤️
Apologies for incorrect formatting in the article as I had written the article somewhere else and just pasted it here that’s why formatting is little unprofessional here as I am unable to set it perfectly with some technical tricks 🙂 I think I shall work more on formatting 😉 (Being from non-technical background sucks here…LOL!!!) 
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