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Before starting reading this article a Quick reminder to go through another article regarding Diwali shopping here wherein I have also shared my last year Diwali celebration images along with some interesting gifting ideas.


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(Before I start writing let me just request you to read the full article if possible as at the end of the article I have given some important information which would help you to shop wisely, smartly. If you are not interested in the initial part please straight away jump to the last part. Do not miss out on that crucial part )


In this article, I will be sharing some gift ideas which you can think of buying. I always prefer budgeted gifting options at the same time I make sure to gift some unique, creative, quirky, captivating gift items. Due to this since the last year, I had been searching for different websites that fulfill my expectations when It comes to gifting. I also like to support new startups which are not so popular in the markets but their efforts, products are worth buying and praising for. I like to bring such sources in front of you all which are contributed by local craftspersons and artisans with their own contemporary skills and styles.

I will share some websites here which you can visit to choose your gifts as per your taste, choice, likes, budget, and criteria.


By the way, I am not affiliated, paid, or sponsored by any of these websites. I just want to bring forward some hidden treasures available on google 😉

Website link sources – Google

Link Purpose – For Informative use only


Without any further ado, Let’s get started with the fun ride…


For quirky stuff…

For practical yet quirky stuff…

If you like to travel with some quirky stuff…This is the right site to visit…

I love cartoon stuff for clothing and accessories…Do check this out…

Again a substitute option for quirky stuff…

What could be best than having few plants for home…

Give this site a try…They have amazing stuff to get explored by us…

Everything they sell is SUNDER (Beautiful)…

For makeup stuff…

For accessories…

For amazing home decor ideas…

For luxury indulgence when it comes to skincare…

My bucket list products are just there…

They are fabulous for accessories…Choose your country for denomination…

  • https://engrave.in/  –  If you love Calligraphy visit this site once. The best part of this site is it gives products of almost all types of crafts including  Bamboo and cane, Bidri, Block printing, Brass, Woodworking, Wire art, Papercraft, Warali art, Siporex carving, Pattachitra, Marble inlay, Madhubani, Knitting and crochet, Embroidery, Copper, Dokra, Channapatna toys, Ceramics, and Pottery.

What else you want??? 😉


These are some unique options to make your gifting memorable forever 🙂

Before proceeding further with online shopping always check out these pages of the website when you are not familiar with the website.

  • About Us
  • Blog (If any)
  • Return and Shipping Policies
  • Contact Us
  • Ethos

About Us, the page would make you familiar with the company itself. In my view, this is the page that attaches me emotionally with a particular website or brand.

Blog(If any) is there on the website gives you extra information to do smart shopping. Sometimes we lack proper information about how to shop and what to shop but this page comes for your rescue always.

Return and Shipping policy informs you of the terms and conditions of the website regarding post-purchase discrepancies. We generally skip this part but over time I realized we shall not take this part for granted. Don’t be Sluggish here 😉

Contact Us part is equally important to get to know sources through which we can reach the support team for redressals and queries.

The last but most important part is to go through the Ethos page of the website. About this, I came to know lately when I started shopping on contentbeautywellbeing website. (Quoted at last).

What is Ethos page?

It is the page that gives information about the brand’s dedication towards following cruelty-free, environmentally friendly guidelines that a brand follows.

I give you a link to go through to know how this page informs you and at the same time makes you a responsible buyer 🙂

Kindly visit this page,


I just loved the way they have given us options to buy products categorically.

Earlier, I used to do shopping blindly without giving much importance to these points. But as I mature up I started giving due importance to these points before buying any product.

I feel it just makes you more accountable, aware as a responsible buyer and also connects you emotionally to a particular brand.

With this, I wind up this article here.

Before seeing off, Once again “Happy Diwali to you all” 🙂



Punha Bhetuyat Lavkarach 😉

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