When Someone Leaves You… 😞

I am Broken…

I am Hurt…

I feel Worthless…

Nobody Loves me…

I do not Deserve anything Good…

I am Wrong…

I am Mistaken…

I have “Bad Luck”…

I feel Devastated…

I feel Lost…

Why it’s always me ???


Blah…Blah…Blah…. (And the list goes on)…

Don’t you think, I sensed your feelings accurately ??? 😉

Because I feel the same way when someone leaves me.

In fact, WE ALL trigger these “Void” feelings when someone parts with us.


But here is what I want to convey to you wholeheartedly…


(Trust me, I say this to myself quite often)


It is pretty obvious to be clouded with such emotions which drains all our enthusiasm.

At the same time, It is very crucial to find pathways to move on with these scenarios by making a way through the cloudy sphere.


This article is just curated to have a check on those possible pathways.

So, STICK AROUND till the end…




I was writing an answer to a question that was asked on my Quora profile. The question was quite interesting.

The seeker had asked me about how to deal with feeling empty when someone leaves you. When I was writing an answer I realized, I have been getting asked this question again and again since two and half years on Quora.

Therefore, I decided to address the question on my blog as well by penning down a separately dedicated article on this topic.

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At some points in our life, we all experience this sort of incidences where some people leave us for no reason or due to some reason.

Moving on with this situation seems easy than saying done. For the next couple of weeks, our mind gets flooded with all those memories of affection, love, care, trust, an attachment that we had shared with the person who left us. That is the stage where It seems tough to find a way to move on.




In this article, I would jot down some practical points that you need to consider just TO COUNT THOSE BLESSINGS.


So, Just Bear with me for the next five minutes… (I know, you would not be repenting for being with me until the article gets over) 😉



Often times, this just skips through our mind to evaluate reality. We just keep thinking about people who left us in the midst of the storm. We often forget to check whether these people were serving a meaningful purpose in our life or not.

I have often observed, people who don’t deserve in our lives are destined to part their ways sooner or later. At that moment generally, we do not get convinced with this thought but in the future when we look back to connect the dots, we end up finding a reason for happening this.

It is difficult to conclude at the moment what was that meaningful reason hidden behind such happening. We can not foresee our future therefore we can not conclude beforehand anything.

As we introspect after some time over such incidence, we do find a valid base to say “Whatsoever was happened, happened for my good”.

So, just take your time and Hold your horses till you arrive at a meaningful story in the future.




I always emphasize, “Acknowledgement is the first step towards moving on by healing emotional wounds”.

In the practical sense, I found this line is working like anything to bring people out of emotional trauma and mental agony. When you acknowledge past events, your brain accepts them to push you further to come up with multiple solutions to move on.

That’s why people who acknowledge their breakups quickly are those who move on with disturbing memories faster.

So, Make it Fast !!!




Emotional turmoils take time to fade away. We can not forget those incidences quickly. (Let’s be practical here) But we can definitely reduce the hurt caused by it. Time does heal everything but only when we put in our efforts for the healing.

Accept whatever you felt or how you feel now. Even you feel guilty and empty, It’s “OK”.

Human emotions are inseparable elements of life. Consequently, It is absolutely fine to feel sad, unhappy, blue, disappointed.

All the time you can’t be pumped, motivated, positive, and happy.

Every emotion upholds some beauty within them.

Hence, Confess ALL emotions.





Yes, You heard it right.

Many times, I see people start playing the same game with the respective person.

He made me feel bad now I will make him feel bad…How dare she did wrong to me I will teach her a lesson… (Sounds familiar, Right ?? ) 😉

By doing this you get nothing in return except wasting your time and energy behind this unwanted drama.

These toxic thoughts would trap you in the infinite loop of hatred which gives you nothing valuable in return.





People who do not deserve your love, affection, care exits from your life on their own.

It is just that, Universe makes a room for those who truly deserve you.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a reason behind every incident in your life which we can’t conclude now. This is the time when your faith in divinity comes into the picture.

Let things unfold at their own pace at the right time.

When you feel nothing is working out exactly this is the time when something deserving is embroidered for you as a part of a divine plan.




Whatever situation we are thrown into, It matters a lot how we can make the best out of such a case.

We have no control over What will happen to us but we do have control over How we can react and act accordingly.

Instead of thinking about how the worst situation you have been through, just think about how you can use this situation to make yourself stronger and to grow further in life.

Remember, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’.




What you have to do is finding what you learned from these experiences. There is always a space for learning from life experiences.

This is a task for you to reframe those learnings to become a person of value rather than becoming a person of success.

According to my opinion, It is a bad phase, bad people, bad experiences that make you wiser than you were before.

Take a chance to learn a new chapter to make the next chapter of life worth living.




Take your own time to heal your feelings, to heal your emotional wounds.

Some may need to give two weeks, Some may need two months, some may take two years to move on.

Therefore, Trust the process and be patient with your own recovery period.

It is absolutely fine to get irritated and agitated If your subconscious brain is taking a bit longer time to come out of embedded pain.

Experiencing “mixed emotions” is a part of the process. Any process takes its own time to show desired outcomes. Trust the process !!!

Keep reminding yourself of this Thai proverb, “when you go, the road is rough; when you return, smooth.



That’s all folks…


I tried coming up with every possible practical ways which you can choose to follow for moving on.

I can guarantee you that your life will not be the same “Sad Story” as before once you work on the abovementioned pathways.

(Thank me later) 🙂


I carefully analyzed my own life experiences where people left me for no reason to finally arrive at these points.

I will be always grateful to these souls for leaving me and giving me important lessons in life.

Without those ugly experiences in my life, I wouldn’t have been in a position to guide you all through my writings. (My “Blessing in Disguise”)

Special Thanks to the Quora platform whereon I have addressed a variety of questions by attempting them as per my own knowledge, observation, and experience.


Check out here,

⚜️  https://www.quora.com/profile/Tejal-Kutarekar

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I must admit, I have learned a lot from the Quora platform which gave me enormous opportunities to study people’s lives by stepping into their shoes.

I am more than happy to help people live their better lives with the help of Quora and my Blog.



On this note, Let’s call it a day Folks… 

Thanks for taking your precious time to go through my article. (I really mean it) 💛

Ciao !!!


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