Hola Folks !!!

It’s Tejal Kutarekar here…

A Warm Welcome on Board !!!


Firstly, I am thankful to you for being a part of followedmypath journey by clicking on this page.

The toughest question for me has been a common interview question, “Tell me about yourself” While writing this page, I am sensing the same feeling over here. 😉


I have been into writing since 12 years but this blog gave me a special identity by discovering my drive and inclination for helping people live their lives in a better way through my writing.

I am not a psychologist but I am a good observer of people around, their lives, and life circumstances. This quality of mine really helps me put in the best possible efforts to give out quality content which would ultimately help people.

I believe in dealing with the odds of life with some positivity and much more practicality to find the midway even in the complete chaos of life.

Many people ask me how did you FIND your passion for writing ???

To be very honest, I never tried FINDING my passion.


I just kept doing what interests me more.

I feel personally “passion” word is overrated and kind of “fancy unrealistic” word for me.

Your path is never found. It is always discovered by doing those things that we really like doing.

Your path is not something that is found on the sidewalk neither It is something that will fall out of the sky. It is never fully-formed and readily available. It is not about the magic that will happen and the very next moment Phew!!! Your path will crop up out of nowhere.

Your path is all about evolving yourself by doing what you truly love doing. Your path is all about enjoying your struggle towards following your path and even during following your path. Your path is all about giving a platform for your interest and loving it even when you are not getting paid for it. (This may sound bit exaggerated in today’s money centric practical world…But this is my opinion about following your path)


I will be always grateful to some personalities in my life to be with me always. Firstly, my Parents and my Elder brother who supported, trusted, loved me always. Secondly, the Divine power and the Universe for always helping me find MY OWN PATH TO FOLLOW. I am blessed with their undying contribution in my life by being with me through thick and thin.

I am really honored for the appreciation, admiration, response that I get from you folks. This keeps me going always.

For me, the biggest compliment is that when my readers tell me “Tejal, You literally read our mind”.😇

Some precious things can’t be measured in monetary forms but can be felt by the heart directly.

By opening this blog, I am just living my dream and most awaited wish of having own blog by simply following my calling.

From being a competitive exam student to a blogger was not an easy task to be very honest especially when something inside me triggered to give me a hint why I was feeling “void” and “unsatisfied” when I had decided and was halfway through  to become a Company Secretary by passing out the toughest professional course exam. Sometimes you have to break some conventional cushy choices by making your own unconventional choices without society’s validation to stand out from the crowd. This is my one chance towards doing the same.


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Without you all folks this journey couldn’t have been so beautiful. 💖

Thank you so much !!!

I really mean it !!! 🙏🏼





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